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In Ireland all traffic drives on the LEFT side of the Road. The same applies to Northern Ireland. In Ireland most camper vans are equipped with a Manual Transmission. If you are visiting us from the UK then many of our road signs, speed limits, road markings and roundabouts will be familiar to you however all road signs refer to kilometres NOT miles.
kilometres NOT miles.

There are four types of road classification:

  • N-Roads 1-50 (National Primary routes, main arterial routes indicated by white/yellow on green signs)
  • N-Roads 50+ (National Secondary routes – green signs)
  • R-roads (Regional roads, indicated by black on white signs)
  • L-roads (Local roads, white signs – rarely marked)
  • M-roads (Motorways)

Ireland has a small but steadily growing motorway network which centers around Dublin. The main motorways are:

  • M50 The ring road around Dublin
  • M1 From Dublin to Dundalk (part of the N1 cross border route to Belfast)
  • The M4 and M7 respectively form the Dublin ends of the N4 and N7 routes to Galway and Limerick

If you are visiting us from continental Europe or the USA then it may take you a little while to get used to our road layouts and driving on the “other” side (left side) of the road. Happy Camper will supply a Road Map which will help you navigate your way around our many wonderful towns, villages and visitor attractions.

Ireland is a wonderful place to tour around, and the best way to see most of it is by Campervan. So take care, drive carefully and enjoy.